About Us

Codemazk Inc. is a Technology Research and Development Company, where global challenges are worked upon with our ideas.
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We are Codemazk

Making the world a better place.

We help and support our clients with business solutions that increase their reach. Satisfaction less than 100% is never an option.

We hope to change the world, one simple tweak at a time!.

Our top Skills

Website Design and Development
Robotics and Automation
Software Development
Android Development

What We Do

Being a self invested research team, we mainly focus on our projects. We also provide IT based services for business clients in need, which in turn help us raise financial support.
  • Designing

    We provide our clients a 100% Quality in designing contents and choosing the colours.

  • Developing

    We Develop Software, Web Applications, etc. to make your office work simpler.

  • Marketing

    Providing you maximum reach globally to your business using Social Networking and SEO.

  • Robotics and Automation

    Complete automation using Advanced Robotics technology for your Office and Factory.

  • Lab & Research

    Our crew is under research and inventing new technologies to solve global challenges.

  • Mobile Apps

    Creating mobile application for communication, data management, inventory management, etc.

  • Education

    We conduct quality workshops at affiliated schools and colleges to introduce to Technology.

  • Support

    Our support crew ensures your happiness and satisfaction because our happiness depends on it.

Our Works

We are dedicated and committed to our works. We mainly focus on solving the problem by discussions and facts interpretation. Thats how we make our Clients intimate to us!!

Our Clients

It’s art if can’t be explained. It’s fashion if no one asks for an explanation. It’s design if it doesn’t need explanation.


Our News

Every news about new products, research, inventions and organized events from Codemazk Inc.

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